The Karmavore is the home of a new ethos for food. It tells the story of a journey towards conscious eating that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Karmic actions are skillful means used with no expectation of personal return; they are done for the benefit of all. Generating karma means generating joy. A Karmavore’s relationship to food is such that small, positive actions taken over time will gently nurture and fortify the body, increasing one’s capacity for health and balance. The Karmavore does not attach labels or values to any style of eating, nor does it completely rule out any diets. It is simply an approach to food that asks the eater to set an intention for their experience and what they expect from it, and offers a set of skills that will allow them more ease in their relationship to food. It is my hope that this can be a place where solutions for unfulfilled eaters can be found, and that these ideas will inspire each reader to find their own path to health and, on it, thrive.