The more I observe diversity in the world around me, the more I am overwhelmed by the beauty of differences. The unique identity of each and every being, place and object is such a rare and beautiful expression of existence. The probability that any entity arrives at the singular characteristics which it embodies is so small as to make this reality absolutely astonishing, nothing less.


Each time I find myself struck by the exotic nature of some person or environment, I find that the admiring part of me aspires to embody or recreate the qualities of the other which I find striking, feeling perhaps my own familiar self and surroundings eclipsed by the light of a powerful new presence.


This thought pattern, of course, gets off on the wrong foot by assuming that this person or place or thing is separate from, and therefore in contrast with, my own self. Of course, we are one in the same, and simultaneously we are each different expressions of the true nature of all things. We are all waves in the same ocean. This fundamental understanding leads me to a new appreciation for that which I may not embody, but from which I emerge.


I no longer need suffer from envy or discontent, or grasp onto aspirations to change myself. Instead, I smile, appreciating divine beauty in the other, knowing that I, too, represent a manifestation of the infinite being in my own unique way. No one is like me, and yet we are all alike because we are all different. These dynamic differences are the source of all passion and underwrite the very music of the celestial dance. What makes us different is what makes us beautiful.


The most basic level of being is to be yourself. Once you embrace this, you may then celebrate yourself, and in doing so, celebrate every being’s victory in consciousness. The work is done! This party will last an eternity. Come home, to yourself. #beyourself

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